We are on a mission to bring forth the next evolutionary step in immersive gaming.


Multiplayer | VR | Tank Combat

No special equipment or room-scale set-up required

Motion sickness mitigation without compromised locomotion mechanics

Player-vs-player action with a high skill ceiling

 core disruption game in-game screenshot
team photo

MPLEX was founded in December 2015 by undergraduate students Galen Stetsyuk (left) and Mikhail Sorokin (right) at the University of Maryland.

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AWS Developer

Knowledge of amazon web services with Gamelift and how to autoscale servers effectively.

Unreal Engine Game Developer

Responsible for executing game feature additions with C++.

Software Engineer - Tech Lead

An experienced developer, who can help oversee the design and implementation of game framework. Strong understanding of C++, OOP, and experience with Unreal Engine is required.


Animation / VFX Artist

VFX using Unreal Engine’s Niagara Particle System Editor.

3D UI/UX Designer

User interaction/experience designer for web and game design.

Game Level Designer

Responsible for the development multi-stage level design with Unreal Engine. Preferably, experienced with lighting in Unreal Editor. Training provided.

3D Audio Engineer

Design sound effects for gameplay elements such as explosions, UI sound effects, and weapon sounds.

3D Artist

Developing vehicles, weapons, and environment assets. Specializations are accommodated.


Marketing Campaign Manager

Responsible for leading a marketing campaign and social media profile management.

Science Fiction Writer